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Intro to Unapology

Toronto is like boot camp for the uninitiated. Friends,  freaks, hipsters, homeless, buskers and the born again, we're all in it together. In one day your life can be turned around or at the very least you’re fired from your job, your bike is stolen and your girlfriend sleeps with your brother.

Lack of affordable housing and decent employment wages top the list for Beth and her 2 roommates who must constantly adapt as a way of dealing with it all including parents in midlife crisis and an early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis.


Cast & Crew

Ruth Goodwin

(Mitch McAuley)

Loretta Yu

(Beth Ma)


Susan Stevens

Associate Producers

Jake Bayer

Adam-Christopher Scott

Gisele Ma

Jean Yoon

Miranda Fines

Moynan King

Derek Moulaud

Conrad Coates


Jonathan Dubsky


Kristina Esposito

Executive Producer

Obed Urquilla

Directed and Written By

Caleb Olivieri

Associate Producers

Rony Valencia

Jonathan Dubsky

Director of Photography

Harrison Reynolds

Live Sound Technician

Jake Bayer

Assistant Directors

Devin Henderson

Adam-Christopher Scott

Hair / Makeup

Krystal McNaughton


(Sofia Mouland)

Script Supervisor

Alaa Al-Eryani

Grip / Slate

Adam-Christopher Scott

Personal Assistant

Devin Olivieri

Audio Engineer

Neil David McDonald

Adam-Christopher Scott

Special Thanks

Norman Baccari

Devin Olivieri

Raquel Benitez

Carmen Llanos

Craig Pitman

Obed Urquilla